Die Mannequin - How to kill [ep]

1.Autumn Cannibalist
2.Near The End
4.Donut Kill Self

Care Failure doesn't play cute - in any sense, personally, musically or vocally. And, God, it's so refreshing. This is her life and if she fucks up, well, she'll write another great song or battle her demons again, or both. On her band Die Mannequin's EP, How To Kill, she played everything, except drums, which Death From Above 1979's Jesse Keeler took care of, since she hadn't yet put together a permanent band. Under the name MSTRKRFT, Keeler and partner Al P produced the four tracks, including radio-be-damned-rock smashes "Autumn Cannibalist" and "Donut Kill Self". The 20-year-old left home at 16 and had a tumultuous affair with hard drugs (she openly writes in her bio), but fortuitously came to the attention of the right people (from Harry Hesse to Keeler to EMI Music Publishing Canada to Shull Management) who wanted to give her a break, set her on the right path and direct her fire. And even if other teens can't relate specifically to her story, many will take heed. After all, what can young girls possibly glean from Jessica, Britney or even Beyonce? Care doesn't even have a booty!

Care Failure –Vocals/Guitar
Sparkles – Bass
Ghostwolf – Drums


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