Lucky Jim / Our troubles end tonight

1. You Stole My Heart Away
2. You're Lovely to Me
3. Our Troubles End Tonight
4. Leah
5. Lesbia
6. Almeria
7. The Honeymooners
8. Westwards We're Headed
9. My Soul is on Fire
10. Endless Night

For a start they are a duo, look like two beach bums, have a half naked woman on their album cover and write songs called Almeria, Lesbia and Leah. Could Lucky Jim be the first acoustic duo to be influenced by FHM and The Sun rather than the writings of Kerouac? Well, not quite. Less brash than the packaging and hype make them appear, Lucky Jim are sensitive young chaps, and Our Troubles End Tonight is an album packed full of great tunes. And let's not forget that's half the battle. Most artists spend their whole life trying to find melodies as lovely as these.

Somos re bilingües (?).

Bajense el disco es altamente recomendable... saludos.

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Anónimo dijo...

No sabía de la existencia de Lucky Jim, pero estoy escuchando el disco en este momento y me gusta MUCHO.



Anónimo dijo...

Acabo de leer que no re-postean discos caídos, pero realmente me gustaría acceder a éste. Desde ya gracias por su tiempo, lo suban o no. Saludos.

Anónimo dijo...

Hi there, I am just listening to the only one track off this album I have, and I think it's sheer genius. Any chance for a reup? Thank you!