Coachwhips - Bangers versus fuckers

1. you gonna get it (2:28)
2. extinguish me (1:59)
3. i knew her (1:22)
4. purse peekin (1:38)
5. dance floor bathroom (2:05)
6. i drank what (1:18)
7. evil son (1:40)
8. the alarm (1:30)
9. recline, recline (1:32)
10.muscle of love (2:12)
11.good night, good bye (0:46)

Te acordas de cuando en la clase de inglés te pasabas dibujandole cosas con el lapiz a los personajes del Sam on radio y nunca prestabas atención a lo que la profesora explicaba?. Bueno es una pena, porque todo lo que viene a continuación no lo vas a entender, que cagada ¿no?.
The Coachwhips don't clarify their position on the lurid moral compass of their album's title, or even which of its animal kisser cover stars made the first move. Well, they might, but go ahead and try to discern anything main Coachwhip John Dwyer says other than the occasional "Yeah!" or "Baby!" -- this San Francisco trio's distortion is all-inclusive. Blues rev opener "You Gonna Get It" blisters and squeals over a one-two punch pound, establishing the sleazy mood and satisfying jolt essential for a record called Bangers Versus Fuckers. It'll keep you and yours going all night long, or at least for its 19-minute duration, aided by the talented and unlicensed love counseling of "I Drank What?," "Three Alarm," "(Harlow's) Muscle of Love," and the harmonica-laden "I Knew Her, She New Me." The Coachwhips -- Dwyer and his guitar, the organ of Val-Tronic, and skins man Matt Hartman -- perform with an angel dust and coffee ferocity. Are they doing the mash potato on hot coals? Is this CD on the right speed? Who cares. Bangers is best spun when you're in a wrong of your own making. Like the greasiest Estrus stuff, or lovable looney tunes and Bay Area homies Deerhoof, Coachwhips make destructive dance music that's challenging and visceral. The recommended soundtrack for your next one-hour stand.

192 kbps // 24 mb


7 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Jajajaj el Sam On Radio!

Anónimo dijo...

en el sam on radio buscabas los ratoncitos escondidos, pasé muchas tardes de mi niñez contando y recontando ratoncitos, hasta que lo dejé todo por la paja

Elafro dijo...

chupaaaaala, muy largo. ya con "indie, punk, rock" alcanza para probar

zoilo dijo...

que grande Sam on radio!!!! me acuerdo de que tenia un tema re hitero, su propio "ilari lari eh! oh oh oh"...

Twist Masked dijo...

Listen to the radioooo

come on and say hellooo

Im Asterix

Im Superman

Hello, hello, hello, hello, helloooo, hello

Anónimo dijo...

Genial, mucho ruido distorción alteració encantó. Gracias gente de SF.

zoilo dijo...

jajajajajajajaja ese es el tema Victor! hay que conseguir el Soundtrack de Sam on radio urgente!!! Martes de Heces lo está pidiendo!