VA - Life´s a gas. A tribute to Joey Ramone!

1. Kitty Kowalski & The Manges "Joey's Song (I Wanna)" USA/Italy
2. Gabba "Gabba Gabba" United Kingdom
3. The Dirtshakes "The CCC Took Joey Away" Germany
4. PSY-9 "Joey Went Home (Where The Good Boys Go)" Austria
5. The Mighty Gordinis "Rock 'N' Roll Therapy" Belgium
6. The Shy Guys "We'll remember You" USA
7. The Nines "Sad To See You Go" USA
8. Mach Pelican "My Sweet Ramona" Australia
9. Rat Fink "My Baby's Got A Crush On Joey Ramone" USA
10. Phoenix Thubderstone "Joe's Outside" USA
11. Detox Darlings "Don't Fuck With Me" USA
12. Blockage "I Owe You Everything" USA
13. The Emersons "Ramones T-Shirt" USA
14. Grayline "Missing You" Canada
15. Name It Yourself "Back To Rockaway Beach" Brazil
16. The Spazzys "I Want To Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone" Australia
17. The Overpriviliged "Pam Ain't No Punk rocker" USA
18. Sex Sex Sex "Punk Rock Pioneer" Sweden
19. Anna & The Psychomen "We All Wanted To Be Rocked By The Ramones" Italy
20. McRackins "Good Bye Joey" Canada
21. Triggerface "You Took My Life" Sweden
22. Duffers "Good Times Are Gone" Italy
23. Meat Depressed "Goodbye Baby" USA
24. Bulldog "Death Is Around (But I Don't Care)" Argentina
25. Fraebbblarnir "Heaven Needed A Lead Singer" Iceland
26. Vaders "This One's A Goodbye To You" Germany
27. The Strap-Ons "Punk Pioneer" USA
28. Ghoulies "On And On" Sweded
29. The Dinks "I Wanna Be A Ramone" Canada
30. Airbag featuring JAVI PPM " Bye Bye Joey" Spain
31. Backoffs "Sad To See You Go" Germany

Disco tributo editado hace un par de años por un sello canadiense, en el que en vez de hacer temas de ramones, hacen temas dedicados a la banda y sobre todo a su cantante fallecido en el 2001.

128 kbps // 62 mb


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