Tin Hat Trio - Book of Silk

1. Longest Night, The
2. Clandestine Adventures Of Mrs. Merz, The
3. Company
4. Invisible Mobile
5. March Of The Smallest Feet
6. Hotel Aurora
7. Osbourne Avenue
8. Elliott Carter Family
9. Things That Might Have Been
10. Red Hook Stoop
11. Same Shirt, Different Day
12. Pablo Looks Back
13. Light Black From Pole To Pole
14. Lauren't Lullaby
15. Empire Of Light

Tin Hat Trio seem to exist on a plane far removed from the rest of modern music. Heedless of genre, era, and trend, the Trio have patiently spun their creaking, cinematic yarns over the course of four enigmatic albums. By absorbing a variety of nearly forgotten, worldly styles-- flamenco, post-bop, Eastern European waltz, tango, gypsy folk, bluegrass-- they've come to occupy a singular niche that might be described as cozy if it weren't so haunting. Book of Silk is perhaps their most evocative work, a sepia-toned, still-life dream that whispers with secretive, mournful passion. (via pitchforkmedia)


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